DIY Painting Versus Using A Local Professional Painter

DIY Painting Versus Using A Professional Local San Diego Painter


If you are a do it yourselfer (DIY) and fond of doing a variety of projects, have an eye for detail a lot of extra time and energy,  you might consider painting your own house.  If you are patient and good this could save you quite a bit of money and also be personally rewarding.  But beware, there is more to painting then just taking a paint brush or roller and covering the wall with a vibrant color.

A professional, quality local San Diego painter is capable of doing much more of what may be necessary to get the job done.  For instance, there may be dry wall that needs patching, popcorn removed from old ceilings, texture that may need special handling, stucco repair, railings that use special paint and baseboard removal and installation.  You may want to replace existing wallpaper with something new or just paint over the old, which creates a project in itself.

Like many projects, the real work is in proper preparation before you can even begin to apply the finished product.  And then you may not end up with a finished product you had in mind.  If you think this might be the case you would be better of leaving the project in the hands of local San Diego painters.  What services can they offer?  Professional tradesmen have a certain skill set that comes from experience and repetition.  They will measure surface areas to determine exactly how much paint they will need so there will be no waste.  They will remove previous wallpaper or paint and fill holes and gaps to make sure the surfaces they are painting are smooth and level.

In addition they know the right kind of paint to use for each job.  They can remove old wallpaper or paint and use computerized color matching tools to mix paints that will complement each other.  They can also apply special finishes like rag rolling, graining, or marbling.

If you still think you would like to tackle the job yourself, the internet is probably a good place to start.  There are many website available with tutorials and instruction for just about anything.  But if you feel hiring a professional is the way to go you need a couple of tips.

You can get referrals from friends or family on other local San Diego painting contractors they have used.  You can contact websites like Angie’s List, solicit recommendations, and read reviews on local companies.  You might contact trade associations for recommendations or a list of local San Diego painters.  Whomever you decide to hire should you go this way, make sure they have the proper licenses, proper and adequate insurance and are bonded.  By hiring a painting contractor who is a member of a trade association you will be guaranteed that they have the proper credentials, will use quality materials and have knowledge of the latest techniques used in their industry.  The added bonus is that in lieu of a complaint you can be sure it will be addressed quickly and taken care of promptly.

There is no one way to do anything including a project of this size but whichever way you decide take the time to do the research necessary to make sure you are going to be happy with the outcome.

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