painting_your_houseIn the construction industry, painting is one of the finals trades needed to finish a job; giving the building its own uniqueness and beauty. This is why it is extremely important to choose the right paint color and brand. Fortunately there is a large variety of colors and brands to choose from, whether it’s an Interior or Exterior project you are looking to do. For any project we recommend all of our customers to purchase 1 quart of a gallon of the desired paint colors to apply on the surface that will be painted, once the sample has dried you can then choose which color is right for your project. Another option is to choose a color that matches the carpet, furniture and/or curtains. As a painting contractor, we can give you ideas, advices and suggestions about paint colors and brands, in the end however, it is you, the customer who will have the last word. It is very important for us to provide you with the best painting experience possible in all of your projects to keep you and your family satisfied.


Selecting a color is always important because the desired color will determine the amount of coats needed to get the job done right! If you are looking into painting the same color as the one on there preciously, one coat should suffice. In some cases however, the color you choose may require two to four coats to completely cover the surface. Keep in mind, if you live in an HOA (Homeowner’s Association), you will need to first make sure which colors and brands are approved by them. Most HOA’s like keeping most of the units looking the same.


There is a variety of ideas to give your property your own style along with a beautiful atmosphere, like combining body color with accent walls or doing decorative painting on a wall.

Hint: If you are looking to paint a small room, you might want to consider painting it a lighter color, this can help make your room look bigger.

Hint 2: If your walls are too short or low you might want to paint the baseboard the same color as the walls, but in semi-gloss paint. This will make your walls appear much higher.


When thinking about painting the interior of a building, you will need to keep an eye out for different gloss levels, which are as followed:

    • Flat
    • Velvet
    • Eggshell
    • Low sheen
    • Semi-Gloss
    • Gloss
    • High-Gloss

Flat paint helps hide imperfections on your walls as where glossy paint makes them pop.


If you are thinking about painting the exterior part of your property, you will also need to consider the following:


    • Body color
    • Accent color
    • Trim color
    • Pop out color

When looking into painting any exterior walls, we recommend that you first take a look at any surrounding properties and try to choose a color that might be well combined with your neighborhood.

Ultimately the colors you choose reflect your personality, taste and style.

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