Paint products with low or zero levels of VOCs

VOCs paint

Avoid the hidden toxins in your home. What you need to know about save and environmental home painting! As experienced home painters, we understand how important it is to perform a work that is safe for our employees and comply with the state’s Workers Compensation safety standards but most importantly we have to provide a work that […]

DIY Painting Versus Using A Local Professional Painter

DIY Painting Versus Using A Professional Local San Diego Painter   If you are a do it yourselfer (DIY) and fond of doing a variety of projects, have an eye for detail a lot of extra time and energy,  you might consider painting your own house.  If you are patient and good this could save […]

How to Paint your house Exterior?

The steps of painting the exterior of a house, from prep work through the finishing touches. By: Sherry Rauh . Original Article Few features of your home make an immediate visual impact like the exterior paint job. Superbly applied paint conveys your pride in your home and helps define its personality. Step 1: Prep Your […]

Preserving Traditional San Diego homes. San Diego Painting Contractor.

Studying history and preserving the past has been the objective of mankind probably from the beginning of time when heliographics were etched into the sides of cave walls. The fact that other parts of the world were way ahead of the United States in history and development does not make the preservation of our history […]

How to Find the best San Diego local Painting Contractor

Tips On Finding The Right Painter Let’s face it a fresh coat of paint can go a long way to improving the looks inside or outside of your home or business. It can give the walls a new look and revitalize an old worn out building or room. Like any profession, painting takes skill to […]