Which San Diego Painting Contractor To Use?

Which San Diego House Painting Contractor To Use?


If you have lived in your home for a period of time, say ten years or more, it may be time to think of giving it a new face-lift.  As in most home projects, you have two options: Do it yourself or hire a professional painting contractor here in San Diego.  Repainting a home can be a daunting task but an experienced, quality painting contractor can make the experience not only pleasant but also affordable.  Like any major project, you will want to work with local painters in San Diego you feel you can trust and invite into your home.  You will want to research different companies to make sure they are properly licensed, insured and have raving reviews.  That is why AMK Painting in San Diego stands out.

As a quality painting contractor in San Diego, AMK knows how to pay attention to detail never leaving the job incomplete.  Details like caulking and painting window returns behind curtains, repairing small drywall imperfections, moving refrigerators and furniture are a few examples.  However, do not take our word for it.  Be sure and do your own research before you choose.  You will want to go to AMK’s website http://amkpaintingsd.com/ as well as their competitors to see if it is professionally written and well organized.  Check any photos to make sure they are using the proper equipment and dressed professionally.  Read the reviews and testimonials to confirm any feelings you might have about the company.

  • Contact – Once you have chosen a couple of companies and make contact with them, do you get a real human or an answering service?  When you talk to someone are they professional and knowledgeable or just a clerk?  Are they helpful and offer suggestions or are they just trying to close the deal?  If that is how you are feeling when you talk to them over the phone thank them and hang up.
  • Estimate – Quality painting contractors in San Diego will take precise measurements using tapes, counters and calculators.  This information tells a painter how much material he needs and how long it will take to do the job.  Be leery of any painting contractor that comes out and “eyeballs” the job then gives an estimate.  You will possibly get excuses later on why the job is over budget due to “thirsty walls” or some other miscalculation.

A good, honest painting contractor will be honest and forthcoming using their experience and knowledge to convince you to hire them.  They will be confident in their service and their product so there will be no high pressure sales pitch.  They should answer your questions such as how much do they charge per square foot? How do they charge for doors and molding?  How many gallons of paint do they estimate they will need and how long will the job take?   Once the calculations are performed and your questions have been answered, you should be provided with a written estimate (this is your contract) unless they have a formal contract to be signed later.  If they are professional and sales oriented they will follow up with you in a few days.

Most estimates should be comparable.  Once you have decided on which San Diego painting contractor you are going to use you can sign the estimate and pick a start date. Hopefully, AMK Painting will be one of those choices.  But whomever you choose, you can feel comfortable you have done your research, made an informative decision and will be completely satisfied with the experience.

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