Paint products with low or zero levels of VOCs

VOCs paint

Avoid the hidden toxins in your home. What you need to know about save and environmental home painting!

As experienced home painters, we understand how important it is to perform a work that is safe for our employees and comply with the state’s Workers Compensation safety standards but most importantly we have to provide a work that is 100% safe for our clients home, their family and children. So let’s take a look into one feature that can potentially make your new home painting job beautiful and at the same time potentially safer. Volatic Organic Compounds (VOCs), what is it and how it effects our health.

What is VOCs?

VOCs or Volatile Organic Compounds in paint, are solvents that paint releases into the air when it starts drying. This solvents can be hurtful for the environment and for the health of the family who lives in the house, it can cause headaches and dizziness and they are suspected to be a possible cause for cancer.

Looking for paint products with low or zero levels of VOCs

We  recommend looking for paint products or brands with lower VOC levels as it’s better for that Earth, your health, and your home’s indoor air quality.

The Clean Air Act created the Ozone Transport Commission which acts through several states in the United States  to control and limits flat coatings on painting to 100 g/l and non-flat coatings to 150 g/l which makes the paint sold in the states where it has control OTC-compliant. Even on states where there is no institution controlling the toxins on the paint there are a small quantity of paint manufacturers which say they products have zero VOCs are becoming more available now on the market. Here are some easy methods to avoid or get rid of hidden toxins in your home:

  1. Shop for paint products carefully. Many more painting products contain VOCs or many other type of toxins that can be dangerous for your home. You can educate yourself about is included in the can of paint and show for better brands that are VOC free or that have mostly organic components. Sometimes your local shop doesn’t have what your are looking for but that’s not a reason to settle for something that can be a detriment to your personal health. Shop online on bigger stores like Amazon or Home Depot for a bigger variety.
  2. Avoid Latex paint. Latex products can produce allergic reactions to the proteins that are found in latex. It’s very common that people’s immune system reacts to these kind of proteins causing itchiness and skin rash. 
  3. Look for ECO paints. ECOS Paints are non toxic paint and they are not the same as other types of paints labeled “environmentally friendly” which may contain latex. ECOS Paints doesn’t contain a typical paint ingredient called (polyurethane) odor which causes headaches, nausea, and respiratory issues.
  4. Stay Lead Free. Exposure to high degrees of lead can carry as a consequence high blood stress, nerve disorders, and pain. Avoid any type of lead paint on your home or call a especialist to check wether you are already using lead paint and replace it with zero VOC paint coating.

Even though ECO paints or VOCs free paint are usually on the costly side, they are better for your health and your surroundings. Select paints that are durable, make your home look beautiful and at the same time eliminate solvents that affect either interior or exterior air quality, and have a bad odor.

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