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AMK doesn’t “cut the corners” and let me give you a short defination about it. “Cutting the corners” means to save money or effort by finding cheaper or easier ways to do something. At AMK Painting we strive for the best!

• Interior and Exterior Quality Painting
• Commercial and Residential Quality Painting
• Drywall Repair
• Ceiling Popcorn Removal
• Interior Texture Repair
• Stucco Repair
• Iron Fence Painting
• Deck Refinishing
• Wood Repair
• Wallpaper Removal
• Baseboard Removal and Installation
• Painter by a Day (Customer provides desired paint. Contractor provides 1 man and all needed material and to complete needed job. 8 hours days, Monday through Friday)
• After hours for Business/Office.

Interior Painting:
Our Quality Painting Services consists of covering all of your floors with drop canvas and masking paper, covering all of your furniture with plastic and taking out all nails from walls. We then cover nail holes, repair cracks, drywall and re-texture needed surfaces, we proceed by applying primer and caulking where needed, once this preparation is done we apply 1, 2 or 3 coats of paint (The number of coats depends on the color chosen by the customer). When the application of paint is done, we remove all trash and vacuum or sweep area worked on.
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Exterior Painting:
Working on Exterior Painting requires special attention to surfaces, this area is subject to weather inclemency. The first step is to Pressure Power Wash the entire building and leave it free of dirt, dust and mildew. After power washing, we walk the premise and check for any stucco and wood damage, we proceed to repair all needed areas. Our next step is to apply caulking and primer where needed and we finish up by painting the building’s body and trim.
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